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I have been a licensed Radio Amateur since 1971, holding the callsign G4AEL, although I am no longer active on the air. However I do love old radio stuff, such as the 813 beam tetrode - a very fine transmitting valve.

I even owned the domain in its honour ;-) but sadly could not keep it - yet another victim of the fallout from Brexit.

Just for the record, here are a few words and pictures re the 813:

Sandy was our Golden Retriever and is still greatly missed:

TO BE ADDED NEXT: Waffle about (in no particular order) Linux, Raspberry Pi, Macs, LR Defender, MX-5 and parkrun needs to go somewhere around here.

Below are links to things like my photos, Twitter and so on.


Here are my photo albums on Flickr, with the most recently uploaded (or updated) albums usually appearing first.
Also, here are some older photos at, going back to 2000.

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