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Me at Little Stoke parkrun, May 2014
Me with Tia, August 2011

My name is Bob Cox and I live in Stoke Gifford, in South Gloucestershire, near Bristol, UK.

I run Debian Linux on Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage devices and a Raspberry Pi. I also use an Apple iMac.

For reasons beyond me, in 2011 I started to learn to ride my wife's horse. Progress was slow and was punctuated by a succession of aches, pains and minor injuries, mostly due to my advancing years, lack of fitness and very obvious lack of talent. At the time of writing (late 2014) I now only very occasionally ride but still spend a lot of time at the stable yard doing horsey things.

At the beginning of 2014 I decided to take up running. I found it tough going at first, but by the end of February I felt ready to try a timed 5k parkrun. These runs are held every Saturday morning all over the country and, increasingly, in various places around the world. My local one is the Little Stoke parkrun and this is my latest parkrun history. I cannot recommend parkrun highly enough.

Since 1971, I have been a licensed Radio Amateur, holding the callsign G4AEL. I am not active these days, but here is the nearly obligatory Amateur Radio webpage.

Below are links to things like my photos, Twitter and so on.

Contact details

My photos:
Flickr Albums page, with the most recently uploaded (or updated) albums usually appearing first
Flickr Photostream page, with the newest uploaded images - which may or may not be in an album - appearing first
Some older photos on Picasa
These are even older photos, going back to 2000

Other stuff:
Twitter - Stoke Gifford: where I live - Sandy was our Golden Retriever - the G4AEL Amateur Radio page - my useful links page - my Linksys NSLU2 "Slug" page - the original homepage - Claire's (mainly travel) pictures - my GnuPG (GPG) Public Key

Debian Linux
Apple - RIP Steve Jobs

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