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Our last morning in Goreme.  Carpet making A damp morning in the town More around the town Lots of churches ! Goreme
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Back at the hotel, after lunch We are ready to leave We drive west towards Aksaray passing these extinct volcanoes There are pieces of obsidian (volcanic silica glass) by the roadside Carvings on a caravanserai
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More carvings We stop at a much bigger caravanserai Demir tells us this caravanserai was built in 1231-1239 We listen to Demir Inside there is a kiosk mescit (small pavilion mosque)
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Terry admires the view Ruth, Richard and Vicki Inside the covered part of the caravanserai Katharine Claire's turn
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Carvings Outside again Piles of dung to be used for fuel Now travelling north-west towards Ankara, we stop at the famous salt lake For most of the year, lake is very shallow (1-2m)
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Walking on salt T in action.  Maximum size of lake is 80km x 50km Rebecca and Hannah with a kitten Very friendly kitten Finally at our hotel in Ankara
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We celebrate three birthdays ! Liz, Wendy and Bob all had cakes Our last meal together Tomorrow we travel home  
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Morning in Ankara. Statue of Kemal Ataturk Our last sight of the hotel - room balconies visible on left About to set off in the coach Off we go
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Approaching the giant replica of a bronze ceremonial standard which is in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations Original came from  Alacahoyuk In Ankara, heading for the Ataturk Mausoleum Inside the coach and outside
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A teapot ! Sinan at the wheel Waiting for the mausoleum to open.  Terry, Liz, Gill and Demir Man selling simits (sesame seed bagels) Man selling simits (sesame seed bagels)
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Guards at the mausoleum More guards Umay tours The mausoleum is now open In we go
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Mausoleum complex was built between 1944 and 1953 Women at the sides are holding a large wreath made up of grain sheafs representing abundant country. Woman on the left with a cup is asking Godís compassion for Ataturk, and the woman in the middle is crying.  They represent pride, solemnity and determination From left: scholar, peasant and soldier. Both groups of statues are by Huseyin Ozkan Road of Honour Hittite lions alongside road of honour
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Relief is by Zuhtu Muridoglu. Mother sending her son to war Mausoleum Demir There are 33 steps up to Mausoleum Just about to go inside
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The sarcophagus weighs 40 tonnes It was brought here in 1953... ... on the 15th anniversary of Ataturk's death Soldiers on guard Exerpt from Ataturk's great speech given on 10th anniversary of republic
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Ataturk's last message to the Turkish armies Soldier on guard They look like lifesize toy soldiers Built on high ground - Phrygian tombs found when excavating Another soldier.  Completely motionless
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Looking across ceremonial ground View from outside mausoleum building Back in the coach, we approach Ankara airport At Ankara airport Looking across the main runway
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Turkish Airlines 737 BAe 146 In Ankara airport In the departure lounge Liz, John and Liz
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Very expensive On the airport bus to our plane Ready to board our 737 Up the steps From inside the plane
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Waiting to taxi Taxiing Airborne 15 minutes into our flight Turkish Airlines cabin staff
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Nearly at Istanbul Landing Landed Stationary at Istanbul airport We say goodbye to Demir
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Our BA Airbus for flight back to Heathrow Taxiing Airborne Istanbul Last sight of Istanbul
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Long way to go Windsor castle Touching down Air brake mechanism Well, I think it's interesting
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Ready to disembark Coach arriving at Heathrow Gill boards the coach Back at Filton.  Terrible picture but included for completeness  
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