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Morning view from our balcony at the Asikoglu Hotel More view Breakfast.  I seem to have my eyes closed Last view of Hattusas from the coach Not far from Kerkenez
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We walk up to site of Pteria at Kerkenez Demir points out the old city wall Wildlife A better close up Claire photographs an iris
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The site is very large Excavated area On our way back down Later in the day, we visit Sarihan Caravanserai The courtyard area
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The caravanserai dates from 1249 Inside More inside Demir negotiates a visit to see the More courtyard
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And even more We continue in the coach.  The striking landscape is volcanic It is a short journey to our hotel. Our first site of Nearly at our hotel The initial view from our room
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Lighting is wonderful Another shot of volcanic landscape from our room. The evening: the Whirling Dervishes at Sarihan Caravanserai
Photo supplied by Gill Early morning - our hotel, the Cappodocia Turist Hotel, Goreme We will stay for three nights
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Walking into the town of Goreme -originally Nevsehir In the town Back towards the hotel Richard and Lucy return to the hotel The holes are for pigeons
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In the town More... Near the hotel A short coach ride later... ...we stop to see old houses in the volcanic hillside
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The houses are now abandoned due to danger from rock fall Old homes preserved although unoccupied A Turkish poppy We arrive at Derinkuyu underground city There are many more underground cities
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Derinkuyu has seven underground levels Steps make it easier Back outside, some retail therapy Claire strikes a bargain... ...and buys a doll
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The deal is done Doll for sale Lots for sale Still in Derinkuyu We drive on to Gumusler monastery near Nigde
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Inside the monastery.  Dates from Byzantine period Demire explains about Gumusler Monastery hollowed out of volcanic rock More of the monastery There are various levels
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The monastery covers a large area with deep store-rooms for wine and oil There is much to explore Back outside Outside the monastery We stop for fuel
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Sinan supervises We continue on our way We are now approaching 2000m asl. Lunch will be late.  Demir stops and buys us biscuits in this small village Still in the village
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An interesting shop window There are many tractors Everyone is very busy Kizil Kilise (Red Church) near Guzelyurt Close up of the church
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From near Kizil Kilise looking towards Guzelyurt Guzelyurt Guzelyurt We near Ihlara.  Mount Hasan in the background Passing through another small village
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Man on a donkey Very typical dress Another man on a donkey Ihlara village is ahead.  We stop to view Ihlara valley The valley is 14km long
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There are 60 churches in the valley This the Southern end of the valley We travel a short distance more and stop for lunch part way along the valley, overlooking the Sumbullu (Hyacinth) Church area Katharine and Claire await their lunch Everyone tucks in
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The valley was formed by the Melendiz River The valley is about 100m deep After lunch we walk down to the valley bottom.  Our restaurant viewed from below Terry videos us crossing the river One of the churches in the valley
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Shortly after this there was torrential rain and no more photos        
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