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We leave the Ankara Turist Hotel In the coach, driving through Ankara In the coach, leaving Ankara The suburbs of Ankara, as we head East Outskirts of Ankara
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Train near Ankara A train near Kirikkale.  As we travel, Hilary explains about the Hittites We stop for refreshment and fuel Lots of noughts! Liz drinks tea and identifies flowers
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We take tea in the sunshine Richard, Jonathan and Wendy in the foreground More of us Dorothea and Hilary Vicki and Marion
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Sinan and Demir Terry and me We arrive at Yazilikaya, Hittite weather gods open air temple.  Hilary is very much in her element Everyone is impressed Hilary and Chris lead through the temple foundations
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Tudhaliya IV Demir is also an expert Tudhaliya IV clearly seen standing on two mountain peaks Hilary points out details of panther beneath Hepatu Hepatu, sun goddess of Arinna (just seen on left) and Sharruma, son of Teshub and Hepatu
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Hepatu, sun goddess of Arinna (left) and Sharruma, son of Teshub and Hepatu Sun god Shaushga (Ishtar), goddess of war and law Sun god and Shaushga in foreground right. We all study Gill's book
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Dorothea, Hilary and Gill in foreground Attentive students Hilary and the relief of Sharruma and Tudhaliya IV Sharruma holding Tudhaliya IV in an embrace Robin inspects the twelve gods
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The twelve gods Richard and Wendy John, Terry, Wendy and Joan Demir inspects In the small chamber (gallery B)
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Liz on steps by small chamber (gallery B) Katharine and Gill Temple foundations Terry videos... Vic, Claire and Jonathan admire the view
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View from Yazilikaya, showing excavations View from Yazilikaya Our third hotel, in Bogazkale, where we had lunch.  Claire on our balcony Definitely our best room of the week Wonderful notice by the bed
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Our balcony The balconies from below Lunch over, back onto the coach After a mile or two we arrive at the famous site of the Hittite capital of Hattusa (Hattusas, Hattusha) Main entrance to site
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Demir at entrance to Great Temple Demir tells us about site. Remains are from 13th century BC. The whole group listens to Demir The site is very extensive Within the Great Temple foundations
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Terry and Alan listen to Demir The site is well guarded View across site, Bogazkale in background The scale is very impressive More foundations
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Demir surveys the site Thoughtful Katharine Ruth within the foundations View across the site
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Looking downhill towards the town Looking uphill towards site of old bridge Claire and Vic Rebecca and Jonathan arrive at the Lion Gate The Lion Gate
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We admire the craftsmanship.  City wall near Lion Gate Vic at city wall near Lion Gate At highest part of wall, near Sphinx Gate View from near Sphinx Gate View from near Sphinx Gate.  Our hotel can be seen in town of Bogazkale
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At Sphinx Gate View showing new excavations More view Terry with Rebecca and Hannah by tunnel John emerges from the tunnel
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Tunnel and Rebecca Tunnel Near Sphinx Gate Further round the wall, the King's Gate and Vicki Demir with reproduction of the original relief, seen the previous day in Ankara museum
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As before Reliefs near King's Gate Reliefs near King's Gate Reliefs near King's Gate We walk back down into the town
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Walking back down the hill Turkish geese A very obviously flattened rock surface, still within the city walls Still walking down - foundations of the Local people in Bogazkale
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Local people in Bogazkale Local people in Bogazkale Old housing Newer buildings John, Kay, Demir and Liz
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In Bogazkale Richard and Lucy walk through Bogazkale Dinner in the Asikoglu Hotel, Bogazkale Evening entertainment !  
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