Computer pictures

Some computers systems in use at bobcox/pippin/rcox - April 2004

New big case for gaia.
This is a Gigabyte K7 m/b, Athlon 2000XP running underclocked at ~1300MHz and a pair
of Western Digital 80GB drives. SuSE Linux 8.2 providing firewalling/NAT, postfix mailserver,
samba fileserver, squid proxy etc. Another view of the new case.  It is far too big for what it does. Inside.  Lots of room.  Hard drives are on RHS in nice removeable bays.  Big case fan. An Asus Terminator barebones PC.  These are really cheap but well made.
All that is needed is a hard drive, processor and memory.
It comes with CD and floppy drives. The cover is secured with just one big thumbscrew at the rear.
Gaia - main file and mail server in new Antec Sonata case - April 2004 Gaia again. Lockable cover on LHS Inside gaia. An Asus Terminator "barebones" PC Asus Terminator with cover off
The section on the left hinges to give access... ...although it is still quite a squeeze.      
Cover off, can just see inside. Fully opened.      
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