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The Linksys NSLU2. NSLU2 stands for 'Network Storage Link for USB 2.0 Disk Drives' and is one of several similar devices which allow hard drives to be networked via a USB connection.

However, the NSLU2 (nicknamed 'Slug') could be easily re-flashed with different firmware with several different approaches to choose from - see and perhaps the NSLU2-linux FAQ to start with.

As the Slug was fully supported by Debian I chose to take the full Debian/NSLU2 system route.

This is the FAQ page specifically for Debian/NSLU2.

Much of this is now of date. There was an installation guide here. This was largely available thanks to the excellent work completed and documented by Martin Michlmayr.

Currently I still use a Slug running Debian Lenny (because later Debian versions do not support this hardware) using USB flash memory. This silent, very low power consuming combination is used mainly with a networked webcam and motion detection software. It also uses lighttpd to serve the resulted captured images.


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