Turkey, May 2003 - Day 6 - Cappadocia: Goreme area, Avanos, Soganli valley

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We set off in the coach Volcanic rock formations only a few km from Goreme More volcanic rock formations More volcanic rock formations Hannah and friend
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More volcanic rock formations We stop at Zelve.  A police station in a fairy chimney The police station Liz and Vicki by fairy chimney at Zelve Fairy chimneys are pillars of
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More fairy chimneys Fairy chimney More More volcanic rock formations More fairy chimneys
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More volcanic rock formations More volcanic rock formations A little roadside shopping We drive on to Avanos.  Avanos is famous for its pottery Avanos
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Terry sees a lady chopping wood Terry joins in This is how we do it in Wales T has an audience Still in Avanos
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Another street scene And another Taxis and mosque Mosque in Avanos Schoolchildren in Avanos
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Schoolchildren in Avanos We travel on back towards Goreme.  This is near Uchisar Amazing landscape More volcanic landscape More volcanic landscape
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More volcanic landscape More volcanic landscape More volcanic landscape More volcanic rock formations More volcanic rock formations
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More volcanic rock formations More volcanic landscape More volcanic rock formations More volcanic landscape More volcanic rock formations - fairy chimney
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More fairy chimneys More volcanic landscape More volcanic landscape Exhausting, all this photography Camel, waiting to be ridden
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Rebecca and Hannah oblige Rebecca and Hannah Rebecca and Hannah Claire has a go Mr Camel
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Very fine whiskers More volcanic rock Alan, John and Lucy Fairy chimneys on outskirts of Uchisar Roadside stalls
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More amazing landscape Overlooking Uchisar Overlooking Uchisar More volcanic landscape More volcanic landscape
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Claire looks at carpets Several members of our group Liz and Gill consult Local transport Katharine
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Liz and pots After lunch we drove to the Soganli valley In the Soganli valley We all visit the Geyikli Kilise - Church of St Barbara,  in the Soganli valley Inside the Church of St Barbara
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Returning to the coach We stop for some more shopping Nearly back at Goreme, very impressive fairy chimneys More fairy chimneys Strata of volcanic deposits
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Back at Goreme, Demir buys tickets for the open air museum Inside the Yilanli (Snake) Church Claire in the refectory Goreme open air museum Goreme open air museum
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Liz, Vicki and Claire Goreme open air museum Near the museum Back at our hotel Claire goes for a swim
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Our room Hotel entrance Evening meal Evening meal  
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