Turkey, May 2003 - Days 1 and 2 - Filton > Istanbul > Ankara

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Leaving Filton College on Saturday Arriving at Heathrow Liz checks in.  Julian is next. Our plane - Airbus A320 Getting ready to depart
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We taxi past Concorde Take off Crossing the motorway Terry chats The Alps
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Not far to go Cold outside We have arrived.  Claire in Istanbul airport Isatnbul duty free Sunday morning.  Outside Hotel Baron
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Looking down the street opposite the hotel Near the hotel Near the hotel Our view at breakfast time In the coach - tram and mosque in Istanbul
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We cross the Bosphorus Our first site of Asia.  In the rain We visit the loos.  The coach gets a wash On our way again We stop for lunch. Vicki, Liz, Terry and me
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More of us lunching Vicki, Terry, Claire and Liz Demir explains things to Ruth Vicki Gill
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We arrive at the Anatolian civilisations museum in Ankara Palaeolithic finds - mainly from Karain cave near Antalya Inside the museum Neolithic frescoes Mother Goddess from Çatal Höyük
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Early Chalcolithic age pottery (5500-4500 BC) from Hacilar Rhyton from Kültepe. Rhyton from Kültepe. Head of a terracotta bull's statue from Tokat Bird shaped ritual vessel found in Tumulus P at Gordion, from the Phrygian period
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Bird shaped ritual vessel found in Tumulus P at Gordion, from the Phrygian period Bird shaped ritual vessel found in Tumulus P at Gordion, from the Phrygian period Early bronze age figurine found in a grave at Horoztepe Claire and relief of warrior god from Bogazkale.  We visit Bogazkale later. View of old city, houses and citadel
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Old houses.  Not inhabited but protected by preservation order Demir and the old houses Back in the coach heading for our second hotel More street scenes in Ankara Clever traffic lights count down !
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Fountain in Ankara We reach our hotel.  Looking down from room View from our room.  The room was nicer than the view    
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