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Welcome to the Bob Cox, G4AEL, amateur radio webpage.

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I received my licence as G4AEL on April 21st 1971.  I was aged 16 and came on the air the same day using an AR88D receiver and a homemade transmitter on 160m (1.8MHz).  I had built the tx as soon as I had passed the morse test (taken at the Post Office radio station at Highbridge, Somerset).  If I remember correctly it used an EF91 VFO, EF91 buffer and 6BW6 PA.

I am rather proud of this QSL card.   It was my first 160m contact across the "pond" and it was with the late Stewart Perry, W1BB, many years ago (as you will see if you click for larger images):

W1BB QSL card
W1BB QSL card

On the left below was my shack in 1972 and on the right the owner of one of the biggest signals on Topband - John Weston, G3LYW. This photo also dates from around 1972/1973. Again, click for larger images.

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Amateur Radio in Bristol

Here is a photo taken at the 1971 or 1972 Longleat rally with G3LYW second from left. Click for larger image:

Longleat 1971

Interestingly, Steve, G3ZPS, took a photo at almost exactly the same time as the one above: see Steve's photo, or, in context on Steve's webpage.

and here is a link to some more up to date pictures taken at Longleat 2001.

There are several clubs and groups which meet in and around Bristol. These include:

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Amateur Radio in the UK


To find out about Amateur Radio in general try visiting a club or society near where you live.  Additionally, you will find useful information from the national society, the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

To get an idea of current equipment prices, here are some examples at the Waters and Stanton website.

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Amateur Radio World Wide


Of interest to all, although it is a US national society, is The Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL).  A useful site is QRZ - look up callsigns, clubs, equipment modifications and more.

Look up a callsign in the QRZ database:

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